Lola Bulgari

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With thick red lips and a seductive stare, Lola Bulgari's sultry curves will make your cock rise! The raven-haired seductress Lola Bulgari is hot as hell, but you don't have to be a sinner for her to punish you. Generally dressed in signature black leather, Lola has been forging a path through the porn world thanks to her white-hot big tits, blazing booty, and scintillating personality. This girl with the dragon tattoo fears no cock, and has taken some of the most monstrous dicks the industry has to offer! An alluring fallen angel, many women have tried to copy her signature dark vibe, but this Ukrainian sex-fiend is a one of a kind starlet who swallows cock like she's been possessed. Are you afraid of the dark? Take a journey to the dark side with Lola and you'll never be afraid again!

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