Sam Bourne

Birth Place: England, UK

The Uk's Youngest Porn Stud, Sam Bourne, calls himself a baby-faced assassin, and it's probably an accurate statement. This young lad has been tearing up the porn scene since his debut, working with some of the top babes in the business, and getting props for his friendly, down-to-earth nature on set. An actor, producer, pornstar, and athlete, Sam was introduced to the jizz bizz through a competition he won that led him to his first shoot. A true professional despite his age, Sam recognizes that as a male pornstar, he's just a hired cock--but he doesn't mind at all! For him, it's all about the women, and there's nothing that turns him on more than wet pussy! Sam Bourne is here to please, and is just having the most fun doing it!

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