Morgan Rodriguez

Birth Place: Czech Republic

If you fancy Euro babes with all-natural physiques and unnatural sex drives, then you'll definitely want to check out Czech babe Morgan Rodriguez. Growing up in Prague, Morgan enjoyed the beauty of the old town, nestled in among pockets of debauchery and exotic night-life. After an epic night partying, it was nothing strange for Morgan to take a hot guy to the bar's bathroom for a quickie, or go home with a few lads on vacation for a spontaneous gangbang. When she turned of age, she became enchanted by the stories of a best friend who'd made a head-start in the Euro porn industry. Eager to experience the same pleasures herself, Morgan auditioned for a scene, and quickly found herself with more work than she knew what to do with. From her first day on set, Morgan's insatiable sex drive and experience made her an instant fit, for the hot amateur scenes you'll only see here on FakeHub!

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