Nikky Dream

Birth Place: Czech Republic

According to Nikky Dream, anything goes in a good hard passionate fuck, the kind that leaves you breathless and spent afterwards. Nikky says her best performances are the kind that come when she's truly feeling her costar's energy, and the sex happens so naturally that her pleasure is authentic. A native Czech speaker, Nikky jumps on every chance she can to bone up on her English, from working with American talent to exploring cities that capture her imagination like London, England. In the time around shooting her actual productions, Nikky says she would rather visit museums and drink in old architecture than cruise nightclub scene, "I like history so I walk around, watch, study and I simply enjoy my days off." Nikky prides herself on her excellent oral skills, so make sure to check out the sloppy blowjob technique on display in her hot FakeHub scenes!

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